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How I rate movies

2 minute read

I realized the other day that I’ve never explained the rating system I use for movies. It’s not all that critical, most people have a general understanding o...

Movie review: Divergent

1 minute read

I’ve got a bit backlog of movies I’ve wanted to watch but for whatever reason haven’t gotten to, so will be working on catching up in the next little while a...

Star Trek Into Darkness

6 minute read

This past Monday afternoon (a holiday here) our family went to see Star Trek Into Darkness at The Roxy theatres in lovely downtown Uxbridge. Here’s what I th...


2 minute read

I’ve been watching Kickstarter from afar for a while, not particularly looking for projects to back but watching as various people/companies/sectors I’m inte...

Recent movies - May 2012

4 minute read

This would be movies I’ve watched recently, as opposed to movies that have come out recently, though most are relatively recent (past few years).

Quick game review: Torchlight II

1 minute read

Now that I have a basic gaming machine, I’ve installed Steam and started trying some demos and free games. And I figured while I’m at it I might as well writ...

Google IO 2012 keynote

1 minute read

My thoughts on stuff announced at the Google IO 2012 keynote yesterday, in order of how I’m remembering them not how they were ordered in the keynote.