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Google IO 2012 keynote

1 minute read

My thoughts on stuff announced at the Google IO 2012 keynote yesterday, in order of how I’m remembering them not how they were ordered in the keynote.

More stuff here, and Introverts

less than 1 minute read

I’ve pretty much given up on Facebook at this point, and use Twitter as a read-only resource, so I’m going to try and post more here.

Movie - Body of Lies

less than 1 minute read

I recently watched Body of Lies. At a high level, it’s a movie about an increasingly jaded CIA agent in the Middle East (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his jerk of a...

Movies - Battle for Terra

2 minute read

I’ve decided to try and post more movie reviews, since it appears the only one I’ve actually posted here was in Jan 2009. And I do watch a few movies, and he...

Music in the Cloud

6 minute read

Now that Apple has announced their iCloud service, I thought I’d jot down some thoughts on music storage in the cloud – that is, on some company’s central se...

New laptop 2011

2 minute read

I bought a new laptop yesterday. My old one (bought off-lease about 3 years ago) had a busted screen due to dropping my old work laptop on it last week – no ...

Email signatures

1 minute read

It may be telling that I want to keep typing .signature instead of signature – I may be a bit old school. But I’ve also given up on keeping HTML out of signa...

Technology thoughts - Mar 19, 2010

1 minute read

I was listening to the latest OWASP podcast this morning and thinking about mismatches between my own beliefs about technology and the beliefs I experience i...

How interactive agencies are missing the boat

less than 1 minute read

I recently spent almost a year at an interactive/digital agency, and despite that I’m still interested in what they do. I think this is a great post about wh...

Funny RFCs

less than 1 minute read

Courtesy of Wikipedia, here’s a list of all (?) the humourous RFCs (Internet standards documents).