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Podcasts 2018

1 minute read

I’ve recently dumped a bunch of podcasts I used to listen to - some because they were daily radio shows I could never keep up with but for some reason felt o...

Working remote

3 minute read

I’ve been working entirely from home (and sometimes the cottage) for about three years now, and part-time from home for a while before that. I’m thankful tha...

Movie reviews - March 2018

3 minute read

Here’s the next chunk from my IMDB ratings. It’s been over a year since my last set of reviews, so none of these are particularly new, but here goes anyway.

Social Media 2018

2 minute read

(I’m on vacation this week, so will try to post something here every day. The new blog tech has a nice Android app, so I can easily post from my tablet.)

Blog Rebuilt

1 minute read

I’ve finished rebuilding this blog again, this time on the Ghost blogging platform. Unfortunately, although Ghost does have migration tools for WordPress and...

Fall 2016 Movie Reviews

9 minute read

Time for another post of quick movie reviews that have accumulated. I’m just going from my IMDB TMDB rankings list, so there may be some there I watched earl...

2016-03 Top 5 podcasts

1 minute read

I haven’t written about podcasts in a while, but I’ve been listening to a lot of them. Here are some I’ve recently started listening to that I’d recommend, i...

Late 2015 quick movie reviews

5 minute read

I’ve been keeping a list of movies I watch in order to write reviews later, but for a while I haven’t had time/been interested. So instead of a bunch of long...

How I rate movies

2 minute read

I realized the other day that I’ve never explained the rating system I use for movies. It’s not all that critical, most people have a general understanding o...