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Disguise from the CIA

less than 1 minute read

Fascinating video of a past CIA Chief of Disguise, Jonna Mendez, talking about her work.

Movie reviews - August 2018

8 minute read

I’ve heard there’re people waiting for me to write more reviews, so I guess I better get moving.

Movie Reviews - July 2018

3 minute read

Yet another installment of movie reviews from my list on IMDB. Moving closer to current, but still almost a year back. Here’s the post where I explain how I ...

Talent Multiplier

1 minute read

In a 1x1 with my manager the other day we discussed an interesting topic, which I don’t think either of us had fully recognized in this way before.

Movie Reviews - April 2018

4 minute read

Next chunk of movie reviews from my list on IMDB, still working on a fairly large backlog. Here’s the post where I explain how I rate movies.

Managing Email

3 minute read

Over almost 30 years using email at work I’ve gathered a few habits to ensure that I see email as it comes in, reply quickly, and can find messages later. In...

Books - April 2018

3 minute read

As mentioned in my earlier post about starting to blog book reviews… here are some book reviews! See all the notes in that previous post about how I’m doing ...