New - Book Reviews

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As mentioned in my earlier post about social media I’ve deleted my Goodreads account, so I’m going to start doing some quick blog posts here about any books I’ve read/dropped/want to read.

I’ll post links to the authors’ sites instead of linking to Goodreads or Amazon or other online resellers. I’ll use a rating scale basically the same as with movies, though I’m admittedly much less likely to reread a book than rewatch a movie.

Also I’m generally listening to audiobooks these days, since it’s much easier to multitask – walking while reading a paper book is feasible (I did it a lot as a child) but not ideal, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn while reading a paper book less so.

This adds some additional nuance in that my enjoyment can be influenced as much by the performance of the audiobook reader as by the content. I suppose the physical format of a paper book can contribute to/detract from enjoyment as well, but I think the impact of performance of audiobooks is more significant. I’ll try to distinguish this if it’s a significant factor.

And I’m still going to say I “read” the books, since that’s how I still conceptually think of consuming audiobooks.

Hopefully will have the first review post up later this week!

Update: Similar to movies and tv, most of what I read is science fiction or fantasy, and with a few bits of historical fiction and non-fiction.