Movie Reviews - July 2018

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Yet another installment of movie reviews from my list on IMDB. Moving closer to current, but still almost a year back. Here’s the post where I explain how I rate movies.

Usual warning about spoilers…

  • Inferno 4/10 - Based on the Dan Brown novel, part of the DaVinci Code series. I’ve read a couple of the books and found them a very convoluted veneer over a very simple and not great story, and I was annoyed because I liked the puzzle bits and really wanted it to all to be good. It’s the same with the movies, but they’re even more annoying and bad after the puzzle bits. But I can’t stop watching them in hope someday they’ll be good.
  • Justice League Dark 7/10 - Some of the best DC movies are the animated ones, and even better when they’re not about the big name heroes. I quite enjoyed this story centered around some of the lesser known DC heroes with mostly magical powers fighting magical foes. Animation could’ve been better, but wasn’t too distracting once the story got rolling.
  • xXx: Return of Xander Cage 6/10 - My expectations weren’t high for this movie, and it certainly wasn’t any kind of high art piece, but it was fun. It’s fun to watch Vin Diesel doing crazy extreme sports things while also being a more self-aware then usual action star.
  • The Great Wall 2/10 - This was a real bad movie. You should not see it, perhaps unless very inebriated, then it might be funny. Matt Damon should examine his life choices. Basically, tries to be a Hollywood interpretation of a Chinese fantasy genre movie about monsters attacking the Great Wall of China around the time gunpowder is becoming known in the West, and the White man who comes to rob and then save them – but actually much worse than that sounds.
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 8/10 - I do like Star Wars, but this was generally a good movie even aside from the Star Wars-ness. The characters and acting were solid. Probably could have been a little tighter, but less wasted time than some of the other recent Star Wars movies. If all the one-off Star Wars movies are this good I will be happy.
  • Blame! 7/10 - Good post-apocalypic anime. I like the world they built, and would enjoy seeing more stories in this world. There are a number of plot holes, but that’s pretty standard for this kind of anime, so not really unexpected.
  • Sword Master 5/10 - A great looking movie, with fun Asian fantasy action, but the dramatic non-action portions are slow and annoying. It may be the plot didn’t translate well culturally, but a lot of the motivations were unclear or weird. I don’t feel bad that I watched this movie, but certainly have no interest in watching it again.
  • The Magnificent Seven 7/10 - I’ve watched so many versions of this story, from Seven Samurai through all the other Western movies. It’s a solid story line, if not particularly complex, and this is a well executed version by a great cast. The only problem with doing something that’s been redone so many times is it’s so very predictable. But still, I enjoyed watching it, you may too – if you like Westerns.
  • The Man from UNCLE 7/10 - Set in the 1960s, this is a quality Cold War action movie with some good comedic moments as well as serious. I’m generally familiar with the original TV show, but not sure I’ve ever seen an entire episode, so can’t really speak to his it compares. Probably the first time I’ve seen Henry Cavill in a role I didn’t instantly dislike. The sets and costumes were especially good.
  • Moana 10/10 - This is probably the best Disney movie or animated musical I’ve ever seen. I like everything about it. I will watch it again. You should too.