Movie trailer thoughts - 2024 week 8

1 minute read

Finally getting some more energy back to do random things now that days are getting longer, but still not enough to do a big post (or even watch a lot of media), so thought I’d try something different and post some quick thoughts about new movie trailers this week, from the Rotten Tomatoes trailer compilations on Youtube.

So for the week 8 of 2024 trailers, some quick thoughts and if I’m interested in watching when they come out…

  • Borderlands - Another movie adaptation of a video game that I haven’t played but am generally aware of. Looks like fairly mindless fun, will probably watch at some point.
  • Civil War - “*chuckles* I’m in danger” - Ralph Wiggum. So many kinds of US nationalist and military porn. Hard pass.
  • Boy Kills World - Interesting premise, the action and filmmaking looks fun, but seems like it could be pretty questionable from the disability perspective. Maybe.
  • Challengers - Not the type of story I’m interested in. Pass.
  • Shirley - Seems an important story to tell and hopefully it’s done well here. But I’m passing on US politics.
  • Dogman - For most of this trailer I thought it was the next or a new Joker movie, which I’m not interested in. Also a hell no for Luc Besson. Nope.
  • Asphalt City - Seems like a copaganda plotline but about paramedics? I’m confused, and disinterested. Nope.
  • Lousy Carter - Why? No.
  • Irish Wish - There are a lot of people who are the demographic for this, but I’m not one of them. Pass.
  • Rose’s War (on TMDB as Baltimore, maybe Rose’s War is for US distribution?) - Looks interesting, it’s a maybe.
  • Daddio - I like the actors and the title is a big question mark, but I’m not at all interested in what’s happening here. Pass.
  • The Fox - A Nazi with an animal pal. Hard pass.

So, not much to look for when they come out, but still fun to check out the trailers.