Movie trailers - 2024 week 13

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Another update in under two weeks? What?

2024 week 13 trailers

  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die – there was a time when I would’ve been excited about another entry in this series, but I don’t do copaganda anymore and this is literally the definition of it – big nope
  • Kinds of Kindness – this is just a vibes trailer just showing the cast and esthetics without any plot, but still doesn’t look very interesting
  • The First Omen – huh, there was a trailer for this in week 11 as well… still nope
  • Unfrosted – Never particularly liked Seinfeld’s humour, don’t particularly like the jokes here (which presumably are some of the best from the movie) – nope
  • Spy x Family Code: White – I’ve never seen this anime before but apparently there’s a bunch of it; but anyway this trailer didn’t pique my interest and also tons of military and spy themes that I’m mostly avoiding these days – nope
  • Mars Express – French animated sci-fi about android liberation on Mars? All the yes!
  • Force of Nature: The Dry 2 – I like the cast and I like to support non-US productions, but it’s still copaganda - nope
  • The Dead Don’t Hurt – More red flags than green (particularly toxic masculinity), nope
  • Bloodline Killer – Looks to be a mix of slasher and copaganda, neither of which interest me - nope
  • Downtown Owl – seems fine, but not what I’m interested in
  • Darkness of Man – trashy action movie with JCVD and no obvious cop stuff, it’s a maybe
  • Stress Positions – looks very queer, very artistic, but makes me feel old so probably not
  • Catching Fire: The Story of Anita Pallenberg – not interested, no
  • Lost Soulz – Looks interesting, definite maybe
  • Evil Does Not Exist – Also looks interesting, a yes for the right mood
  • Slow – Looks good, but not what I want to watch

And that’s it for this week!