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So apparently I got bored of doing the trailer updates… I’m still watching them, but there’s so few movies most weeks that I’m actually interested in it’s not really worth going through everything else to comment on a few things. And I just got bored of doing those updates.

However, I have updated which ratings sites I’m using, so thought I’d mention that here. TMDB is OK, but just OK, and my kid and their friends started using other sites/apps so I also tried them and liked some.

I’ve landed on these two, feel free to follow/add me.

  • Marathon for TV shows - my profile - Pretty new, app launched in 2022 and web in 2023. Both are pretty basic and have some weird UX to get used to, but it does what I’m looking for
  • Letterboxd for movies - my profile - Yes, obviously I should’ve just been using this all along

I’m probably going to keep linking to TMDB when I talk about movies/shows because there’s more info there about the actual production and people involved, but maybe I’ll link to my rankings in these other sites? Not sure, will see what I want to do when I get to that.

Also worth mentioning on a related note, I’ve started using The Storygraph for tracking books (mostly audio books) – here’s my profile there.