Movie trailers - 2024 weeks 9 to 12

8 minute read

It’s been another month, let’s run down a bunch of trailers. I’m not going to bother linking each movie if I’m not interested, you can search for them yourse...

Movie trailer thoughts - 2024 week 8

1 minute read

Finally getting some more energy back to do random things now that days are getting longer, but still not enough to do a big post (or even watch a lot of med...

2023 holiday viewing

2 minute read

So it appears that I’m only updating this blog these days around the holidays, and only about what I’m watching. Need to get better at that…

2022 Holiday viewing

3 minute read

A few quick thoughts about movies and tv shows I watched over the 2022 holiday break. There’s not all that much given how much time I had off, but that’s not...

Movie sites update

less than 1 minute read

I’ve recently decided to switch over my movie ratings from IMDB to The Movie Database. This is primarily driven by not wanting to feed yet more data or link ...

Movie Reviews - April 2021

4 minute read

Wow, it’s been a whole year since I wrote any movie reviews. You’d think that staying home in a pandemic would give me lots of time to do blog entries, but a...

Movie Reviews - April 2020

5 minute read

I wrote most of this post back over the past couple of months, but things got busy and I didn’t finish and post. But here we are now well into April and the ...

Movie reviews - August 2018

6 minute read

I’ve heard there’re people waiting for me to write more reviews, so I guess I better get moving.

Movie Reviews - July 2018

3 minute read

Yet another installment of movie reviews from my list on IMDB. Moving closer to current, but still almost a year back. Here’s the post where I explain how I ...

Movie Reviews - April 2018

4 minute read

Next chunk of movie reviews from my list on IMDB, still working on a fairly large backlog. Here’s the post where I explain how I rate movies.

Movie reviews - March 2018

3 minute read

Here’s the next chunk from my IMDB ratings. It’s been over a year since my last set of reviews, so none of these are particularly new, but here goes anyway.

Fall 2016 Movie Reviews

9 minute read

Time for another post of quick movie reviews that have accumulated. I’m just going from my TMDB rankings list, so there may be some there I watched earlier a...

Late 2015 quick movie reviews

5 minute read

I’ve been keeping a list of movies I watch in order to write reviews later, but for a while I haven’t had time/been interested. So instead of a bunch of long...

How I rate movies

2 minute read

I realized the other day that I’ve never explained the rating system I use for movies. It’s not all that critical, most people have a general understanding o...

Movie review: Divergent

1 minute read

I’ve got a bit backlog of movies I’ve wanted to watch but for whatever reason haven’t gotten to, so will be working on catching up in the next little while a...

Star Trek Into Darkness

6 minute read

This past Monday afternoon (a holiday here) our family went to see Star Trek Into Darkness at The Roxy theatres in lovely downtown Uxbridge. Here’s what I th...

Recent movies - May 2012

4 minute read

This would be movies I’ve watched recently, as opposed to movies that have come out recently, though most are relatively recent (past few years).

Movie - Body of Lies

less than 1 minute read

I recently watched Body of Lies. At a high level, it’s a movie about an increasingly jaded CIA agent in the Middle East (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his jerk of a...

Movies - Battle for Terra

2 minute read

I’ve decided to try and post more movie reviews, since it appears the only one I’ve actually posted here was in Jan 2009. And I do watch a few movies, and he...

Movies - Eagle Eye

1 minute read

Here’s my review of the movie Eagle Eye, which I’m giving a rating of 4/10. That rating actually decreased as I was writing this.