2016-03 Top 5 podcasts

1 minute read

I haven’t written about podcasts in a while, but I’ve been listening to a lot of them. Here are some I’ve recently started listening to that I’d recommend, in no particular order.

Longform Podcast - I enjoy a compelling story, and the folks at Longform talk to some of the best non-fiction writers. I enjoy their interviews a lot, and have been spending months working through the entire back catalog (almost caught up!).

StartUp - I’ve subscribed to many of the Gimlet Media podcasts, but my favourite is StartUp. It’s unusual to get behind-the-scenes access and honesty around how a company is formed and many of the real problems in the startup phase. And their first season (and regular updates) was about themselves, so there’s a real ‘eating your own dogfood’ aspect.

I Was There Too - Host Matt Gourley interviews actors (frequently supporting actors or extras) from iconic movies and gets lots of fascinating stories and behind-the-scenes details.

Song Exploder - Musicians explain how they build their songs, both technically and the stories behind them. They’ve gotten some impressive guests!

You Must Remember This - Karina Longworth’s excellent podcast covering the stories of Hollywood’s first century. (tbh this is my favourite right now)

The Myths and Legends Podcast - Modern retelling of myths and legends from history. Very entertaining, I like the style and creature of the week in each episode. Plus probably the best website of the bunch.

Oh, and I use the Podcast Addict app on Android, it’s the best one I’ve found so far.

That’s it for now. Let me know what you’re listening to!