Hiring me in 2021

5 minute read

As the tech market has heated up over the past couple of years I’ve been approached with increased frequency by companies trying to hire me away from my curr...

Managing Email

3 minute read

Over almost 30 years using email at work I’ve gathered a few habits to ensure that I see email as it comes in, reply quickly, and can find messages later. In...

New - Book Reviews

1 minute read

As mentioned in my earlier post about social media I’ve deleted my Goodreads account, so I’m going to start doing some quick blog posts here about any books ...

Social Media 2018

2 minute read

(I’m on vacation this week, so will try to post something here every day. The new blog tech has a nice Android app, so I can easily post from my tablet.)

Blog Rebuilt

1 minute read

I’ve finished rebuilding this blog again, this time on the Ghost blogging platform. Unfortunately, although Ghost does have migration tools for WordPress and...

More stuff here, and Introverts

less than 1 minute read

I’ve pretty much given up on Facebook at this point, and use Twitter as a read-only resource, so I’m going to try and post more here.

New laptop 2011

2 minute read

I bought a new laptop yesterday. My old one (bought off-lease about 3 years ago) had a busted screen due to dropping my old work laptop on it last week – no ...

Email signatures

1 minute read

It may be telling that I want to keep typing .signature instead of signature – I may be a bit old school. But I’ve also given up on keeping HTML out of signa...

Technology thoughts - Mar 19, 2010

1 minute read

I was listening to the latest OWASP podcast this morning and thinking about mismatches between my own beliefs about technology and the beliefs I experience i...

How I consume podcasts

2 minute read

I watch/listen to a fair number of video and audio podcasts. The longer ones I consume on the 1hr each way train commute I have to work, along with audio boo...

Blogs are the new mailing lists

1 minute read

Since 1995 I’ve run a mailing list called bryans-list, which is basically a place for me to send interesting and amusing things I run across in my journeys a...