2023 holiday viewing

2 minute read

So it appears that I’m only updating this blog these days around the holidays, and only about what I’m watching. Need to get better at that…

2022 Holiday viewing

3 minute read

A few quick thoughts about movies and tv shows I watched over the 2022 holiday break. There’s not all that much given how much time I had off, but that’s not...


3 minute read

I started watching the 2021 Hawkeye tv series back when it came out in November, but only got a few episodes in before setting it aside.

Blog updates 2022

1 minute read

So once again I find myself needing to update my blog platform. Ghost has a dependency issue which has brought to light that they don’t actually support Mari...

Reading Comics Tech

2 minute read

I’ve just recently finally found a good way to get through my backlog of comics in the cbz/cbr format, thought I’d share. Nothing groundbreaking, these tools...


2 minute read

I’ve been watching Kickstarter from afar for a while, not particularly looking for projects to back but watching as various people/companies/sectors I’m inte...

Google IO 2012 keynote

1 minute read

My thoughts on stuff announced at the Google IO 2012 keynote yesterday, in order of how I’m remembering them not how they were ordered in the keynote.

New laptop 2011

2 minute read

I bought a new laptop yesterday. My old one (bought off-lease about 3 years ago) had a busted screen due to dropping my old work laptop on it last week – no ...

Funny RFCs

less than 1 minute read

Courtesy of Wikipedia, here’s a list of all (?) the humourous RFCs (Internet standards documents).

How I consume podcasts

2 minute read

I watch/listen to a fair number of video and audio podcasts. The longer ones I consume on the 1hr each way train commute I have to work, along with audio boo...

Road to iPhone

1 minute read

People have been talking about the iPhone for years. Now it’s been announced, but isn’t yet available. It won’t ship in the US until June/July of this year, ...