Work laptop rebuild, again

I posted in June about reinstalling my work laptop using Ubuntu 9.04 as the base OS and running Windows 7 pre-release in a VM, and then later about the problems I was having with external monitors in Ubuntu. Those monitor issues were never entirely resolved to my satisfaction, though the workarounds made it tolerable.

A couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet and reinstalled the machine using 64-bit Windows 7 final from TechNet. I'm considering this an approved trial install from Microsoft's perspective, since I'm one of the more technologically informed people at my workplace on the infrastructure side, and I will be asked for input on upgrading the developers and other techies in our department to Windows 7. So it's reasonable that I should be evaluating it and finding any problems with our normal tools.

Result so far: I have been entirely happy so far with Windows 7 as the base OS. It's quick, it works the way I expect, and almost every application is compatible -- VMware VSphere 4 client is the only app I've found so far that doesn't work, and I expect that's VMware's problem not Microsoft's.

So... there you go, an update.