Useful Android apps

I got a Nexus S phone a week and a bit ago, and am quite enjoying Android. Here are some apps I've been using -- let me know if you have others to suggest! Though I'm not likely to pay for any apps... :)

I think you can get any of these from the Android Marketplace, some come with Android.

  • Google Reader - I actually don't like this one much, if anyone has a good RSS reader app let me know, otherwise I'll just keep reading my feeds on a computer
  • Android Music (the one built in) - actually works quite well for any MP3 files I've copied over
  • Google Listen - once you get used to it, not bad for audio podcasts; would like something that also handled video podcasts
  • MoboPlay - good video player; if/when VLC ever comes to Android I'll certainly switch to that (unless it's a pay app)
  • Wordpress - pretty good, though I'm not using it to write this...
  • Facebook - yeah, I use it
  • Amazon Kindle - have a few free books on it, am planning to try some from the library as well - the phone is a bit small for reading, but I'll give it a try
  • Password Safe - same password management app I use on Windows (and Password Gorilla on the Mac)
  • AndFTP and AndSCP - seem to be good file transfer apps, though so far USB has been easier
  • Wifi Analyzer - excellent multiple views of wireless networks
  • Google Translate - Bri has been having lots of fun with this one, especially with the voice input
  • Google Sky - looks very cool, look forward to it being warm enough outside to play with it
  • Google Goggles - also very cool, snap a picture and it uses the power of the Internet to recognize what it is
  • Angry Birds - all versions ad supported and free, yay!

Aside from this, I've been looking for a nice and clean way to manage media between a desktop and Android device. In particular, I'm looking for something that will manage copying media files to the device, downloading both audio and video podcasts, and not require iTunes.

I did look at DoubleTwist, and it looks nice and seems to work as advertised, but requires iTunes. I also looked at Songbird, but wasn't happy when it asked to check my Google Reader account for media and then just sat spinning for a long, long time. I might try it again though, and just skip the Google Reader part.

Any other suggestions?