Things I noticed this week

Here are some things I've noticed this week.

  • The day after I come back from being off sick with some flu-type bug that makes my muscles ache, I shouldn't be carrying a 38 pound Dell server (plus rack mount rails) to/from the data centre -> cab -> office, it will be painful and wipe me out
  • Lentil soup can be good
  • Setting a picture of Cthulhu as my Facebook and Yammer pic is oddly calming
  • When your one-way door-to-door commute is 2hrs, additional accidental delays by the transit service don't seem to matter as much
  • I have always (that I can remember) auto-adjusted to Daylight Savings sometime before it actually arrives, making the actual day of the change somewhat of a relief; this process seems to be happening earlier each year

Whee, a mostly non-technical post.