Started troubleshooting an issue with a $WORK machine last night just before midnight. Got in the car to drive downtown at around 1:00am. Got everything working at around 2:45am.

Then spent far too long trying to get home because the stupid DVP was closed and I tried to go on the wrong ramp. The radio was reporting it was closed "to the Don Mills ramp", so I tried to get on at Don Mills. Apparently the radio actually meant was it was closed to past the Don Mills ramp, and I wound up going south on the DVP again.

Today's lessons -- don't assume a 24hr news station has a firm grasp of the English language, and just do a damn u-turn on the ramp at 3am instead of continuing the wrong way.

Got home at 3:45am. Got to sleep around 4:45am. Got up at 6:30am.

Luckily I'd fallen asleep putting my daughter to bed at around 9pm and slept until after 11pm last night, so I'm not a total basket case.

Well, not more than usual anyway.