Sick, sick, sick

We're having tons of fun here the past week, I tell you what.

Thursday afternoon - B.'s daycare calls E. and advises that B. has a slight fever and needs to go home.

Friday, day - E. stays home with B., because daycares (the good ones) won't let sick kids back until 24hrs after their symptoms are gone. B. is still sick, but just seems to have a standard cold/flu. I go to work for a normal work day, though start a bit later and come home a bit earlier than normal, because...

Friday, night - I go back to work at 9pm for a significant server change that's supposed to last until around 2am.

Saturday, morning - at 7:30am I finally get home after the server change. Murphy's Law proven, though as usual most issues could have been avoided with proper planning/testing in advance. I'm happy I was not responsible for planning this change.

Saturday, evening - head to M & N's for their Xmas party / their younger son's belated birthday / a bit of belated birthday party for E. (she finally got birthday cake) / official announcement of M & N's move to Qatar next year. Everyone has an excellent time, though E. is left rather depressed that our best friends are moving to the other side of the globe. As usual at their place I eat too much, but also as usual can't manage to feel guilty about it.

Sunday afternoon - we go to a kids Xmas party put on by E.'s work. This is one of the best kids Xmas parties I've seen. They rented out the Markham Museum grounds (similar to Black Creek Pioneer Village in concept, but not as large and more recent time period) and had tons of activities, food, and gifts. It's unseasonably warm for mid-December, around 10C in the sun, but still not balmy. B. really wants to go on the tractor ride and see Santa, both of which are outdoors, so we're standing/walking around outside for about an hour.

Sunday night - B. is coughing a fair bit, her normal "have a cold, post-nasal drop" cough and some other nastier barking cough that might be asthma or something else, and has a fever around 103F. Brief trips outside in the cold air seem to help the barking cough. We dose her up on cold and cough medicine and get through the night, but with not much sleep.

Monday morning - B. still has the cold, fever, and barking cough. Also, at some point in the night she's poked herself inside the nose with an uncut fingernail and had a nasty nosebleed all over the sheets (sheet set #1). I go to work because I'm allegedly going to be working hard to setup some servers to be shipped later that day, which can't be done remotely. E. stays home with B. again, but is not happy about it (understandably), not least because E. is also starting to get sick.

Monday morning, later - E. takes B. to the doctor. By the time they get there the cough is gone (cold air does the trick again), but given past childhood history of asthma doctor gives B. prescription for a puffer, and also homeopathic remedies and directions (we love our doctor). E. gets B. to take her puffer, which seems to help for 15min or so, but then the coughs return.

Monday afternoon - E. and B. go for a nap in the bed. B. coughs so hard she throws up all over E. and the bed (sheet set #2). The servers I'm supposed to be working on are missing a critical component (RAID controller) and nobody will tell me if I'm supposed to proceed with setup using a workaround (software RAID) or wait for the part, so I work on other things and field increasingly frantic calls from home as B. throws up again and E. is getting more sick . I leave for home on the earliest train.

Monday night - B. won't stop coughing. Regular trips outside help briefly, but she needs to sleep. E. wants to take her to the hospital, but I overrule her. E. goes upstairs to bed and I sleep on the couch with B. sleeping on top of me -- when B. was sick as a baby this was the only way we could get her post-nasal drip cough to stop. It seems to work again.

Tuesday morning - we sleep until 8:30am. Sleep is good. Unfortunately sleeping on the couch has done something strange to the top of my left thigh -- I have no feeling in it, like the circulation has been cut off and it's "asleep", except the feeling doesn't come back. B. is feeling somewhat better after her night's sleep, though still coughing. E. is getting sicker, with a nasty cough that causes intense chest pain, but still tries to work from home. I stay home from work.

Tuesday afternoon - we nap. B. has another nose bleed, though she assures us she didn't touch her nose while she was sleeping (sheet set #3).

Tuesday night - during the night, E. gets much worse, her fever spiking to 104F. By 4am she starts experiencing back pain so severe that she can't get comfortable lying in bed, as well as the chest pain from coughing. I give her some pain killers and anti-inflamatories. She sleeps, fitfully.

Wednesday morning - B. is still occasionally coughing, but she's basically back to normal with a bit of a runny nose. E. is totally out of it and spends the morning in bed trying to sleep. I have a low-grade fever (100F), but dose myself with pain killers/anti-inflamatories through the day to keep operational. I pass out a couple of times on the couch while B. is playing and watching Treehouse. (It may be noted that watching Treehouse frequently makes me fall asleep even when I'm not sick)

Wednesday afternoon - we all nap. B. resists napping, but after running around playing for an hour falls asleep lying upside down on top of the bed. I wake up from the nap feeling worse, but we need bottled water (water cooler style) from the store, so I take more drugs and hop in the car. Almost pass out at the water store before the drugs kick in. Good times.

Wednesday night - because B. napped late, have problems getting her to sleep. Finally get her to stop moving around 10pm, and I fall asleep with her. E. wakes me up at around 11:30pm to get her some nighttime cold/flu stuff. After that I come downstairs and play on the computer, then start writing this at around 12:30am. 2.5hrs later and I'm done. E. and B. are upstairs in the bed, sleeping and occasionally coughing. I will go up shortly and join them.

Current status (wee hours of Thursday):

  • E. - low-grade fever hopefully waning, painful chest cough, other cold/flu, general exhaustion
  • B. - cough, runny nose, will be somewhat overtired tomorrow
  • me - low-grade fever waxing, other cold/flu, general exhaustion, still no feeling in top of left thigh (probably not related to virus)

I don't think I'm going to work tomorrow, especially if I still have a fever. I'm sure work people will not be thrilled, as they informed me today that I'm scheduled to do a production software upgrade. Such is life.