Sent mail cleanup

One thing I cleanup at the beginning of each year is moving all of last year's sent mail into an archive folder. This makes it easier on the mail app/server when I need to go look for something I sent last year, or two years ago, etc. I've noticed an interesting trend when looking back at the past several years...

  • old-sent/1998 - 1423 messages (only October to December, still have to merge some old-style mailboxes)
  • old-sent/1999 - 6799 messages
  • old-sent/2000 - 6622 messages
  • old-sent/2001 - 4143 messages
  • old-sent/2002 - 3090 messages
  • old-sent/2003 - 2335 messages
  • old-sent/2004 - 1662 messages
  • old-sent/2005 - 1592 messages
  • old-sent/2006 - 1257 messages

I'm sure part of this is because I have less free time to be babbling in email. Part of it is because I'm not chasing women anymore. Part of it is because I've moved all my technical mailing list subscriptions to gmail. And part is because blogs are the new mailing lists.

Still, I have to wonder if in a couple more years I'll drop to less than one email per day.

I'm trying, though -- I've already sent 13 emails this year, and I don't even have working Internet at home yet.