Security blogs

I need to update the blogroll on my site, but in the mean time here are some security blogs I find interesting.

...And you will know me by the trail of bits - Dino Dai Zovi's new blog

Matasano Chargen - the Matasano guys

MSRC - Microsoft Security Response Center (so you know whether to panic next Patch Tuesday)

MS Security Vulnerability Research & Defense - actually useful MS security blog

Mark's Blog - Mark Russinovich (the Sysinternals guy), not always about security but always good Windows internals stuff

PHP Security Blog - Stefan Esser's PHP blog - nothing since last Dec, but interesting

rdist: setuid just for you - Nate Lawson's blog

Snort newsfeed - technically not a blog, but it's in my RSS reader

Schneier on Security - obSchneier

SANS Internet Storm Center - News as things break, and sometimes more indepth stuff

Any others you'd recommend?

[update: finally updated the blogroll and even added a Security section - whee!]