Regularly scheduled resume updating

[Update 12/07/2010: after some soul-searching I've decided I don't want to be a manager, so I've redacted that portion.]

[Update 29/08/2010: after more soul-searching I've decided it depends on the company/situation, so I've un-redacted it.]

Yes, I know I should have accents on resume, I'm being lazy about coding the HTML.

I was doing my regular, annual-ish resume updating last night (instead of sleeping, d'oh), and decided to rewrite my personal summary, and also added a "Guiding Principles" section which I think helps the intent of the document a lot. I also moved all the technical details stuff after the experience section, despite past advice of headhunters.

Here are the rewritten Summary section and the new Guiding Principles section.


Technical manager with strong people skills and experience managing staff, clients, and vendors.

Senior Internet infrastructure architect specializing in design and build of reliable, high-volume web delivery systems.

Senior Internet applications administrator experienced with operating high-volume web applications, and working with developers in an Agile environment.

Senior systems administrator experienced with Linux/BSD, Windows, and virtualization.

Guiding Principles

Build service-oriented operations -- know who your customers are and what they expect.

Continually improve processes -- work smarter, not harder.

Use the Golden Rule as a manager -- manage your staff as you want to be managed.

Build rugged software -- it will be attacked.

Embrace de-perimiterizaton -- every infrastructure component must be secure.

Design systems to fail gracefully -- technology breaks, be prepared.