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PHP4 to PHP5 - fun with echo

Found a legacy web site at work today running on PHP4. As the PHP folks no longer support version 4, I started testing the site on PHP5 to prep it for migration. I was rather surprised to find that some very basic pages, with just some if/else blocks for conditional content, were causing errors. The error being returned was "parse error, unexpected ';'", which was rather odd, particularly because it was still giving the same error when I removed all ;'s from the offending line (!?).

The issue turned out to be that PHP4 allows you to just use echo ; or echo [your text] ;

PHP5, however, requires quotes: echo ""; or echo "[your text]";

I couldn't find this with 15-20 minutes of searching the web, just figured it out by trying various changes to the page, so here it is for posterity and people looking in the future

Fun times.

Bryan Fullerton

Bryan Fullerton

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