It figures

I spent the past 5 days packing boxes, hauling boxes out of the house, transporting boxes, hauling boxes into our new apartment, and generally starting to feel rather good physically. Sure, I was tired, but my muscles were feeling well exercised. I could easily haul heavy things around, and my 35lb daughter felt light as a feather.

Then, on the way to the car this morning, easily carrying a box of stuff for Value Village and with my backpack full of work stuff on my back, I misstepped into a dip in a non-paved section of sidewalk in the apartment parking lot and something in my lower back popped out of place. And there was pain.

This is the same part of my back that popped late last summer. It was out for about a week and then just popped back in, and it's done similar things before. I've gone to the chiropractor for this in the past, but they usually have trouble adjusting it because it's so low in my back and my muscles get so tight. When they do get a good adjustment and get it back in place, it tends to pop right out again after I walk a bit. Eventually it goes back in by itself, and I blissfully enjoy the lack of pain.

Until that happens, though, I can't walk at a normal pace without pain killers, my leg muscles start to ache from compensating and strange gait, and lifting things is... challenging. This is going to make unpacking the many boxes in our apartment a literal pain in the ass. At least having lots to do at home will prevent me from sitting too long in one place, which is bad when my back is out.

So, once again, Excedrin is my friend. Mmm, pain killery goodness.

And I might have to actually get some sleep at night too. (innocent whistling)