Girls On Film podcast

Ever since it came out last fall I've been a fan of the Girls On Film podcast. Hosted by two lovely and smart women from (I believe) Los Angeles, Suzanne Keilly and Heather Stewart, this is a bi-weekly movie review show. Both hosts are actors, which gives them an interesting perspective on the performances they're reviewing. They also do a lot of research, and present an informed and very usable review of each movie. And they obviously have a lot of fun doing it!

I found out about this show because it was plugged on Diggnation. Alex Albrecht, one of the hosts of Diggnation, is Heather's significant other, and he's also producing Girls On Film.

On the occasion of their 10th episode, in mid-January, I sent some email with my feedback and constructive criticism. I included a request to give more detail about the wine consumed in each episode -- on Diggnation this is a tradition with the beers consumed. I don't drink beer but do occasionally drink wine.

I almost fell off my seat in the train last Friday when watched Episode 13 of Girls On Film, because in the first 30 seconds of the show they responded to an email from "our friend Bryan Fullerton" by describing the champagne they were drinking -- a champagne rouge from Napa Valley, incidentally. It's unlikely to become a staple of the show, mentioning me or describing the wine, but it sure did put a grin on my face for the rest of the trip.

They also sent me a nice email reply this afternoon (err, yesterday now), which I finally read this evening. It reminded me that I needed to write this post, instead of the bitchy post I was going to write about how the service department at the local Honda dealership pissed me off on Saturday.

And now to bed, while there's still some morning left... [sigh]