Built-in Google apps leaving Apple devices - whose choice?

I'm reading lots of interesting articles these days about how Google services are being pulled out of the base Apple iOS system and packaged as separate apps (YouTube), or being replaced by Apple's own apps (Maps).

Most of these articles are expressing the opinion that these changes are coming at Apple's choice, that various licensing deals are expiring and Apple is choosing not to renew them. I'm curious if this is actually the case, or just Apple PR's spin on things. Could it be that Google is choosing not to offer the license of these utilities to Apple anymore?

There's no doubt that the iOS devices are extremely popular, but Google's market share in the smartphone market is increasing more quickly than Apple's. Isn't it in Google's best interest to make iOS devices less appealing to consumers by removing popular apps like YouTube, and possibly even delaying the release of replacements?

It will be very interesting to see what the add-on YouTube app for iOS 6 looks like when it comes out, and also if it's available at launch. Google could either make the add-on app the same or better than the app in iOS 5 and go for continued YouTube market, or inconvenience some YouTube viewers on iOS to push them towards Android.

Either way, I'll be paying more attention to the Apple product release next month than I have for years...